Mastodon is a decentralized social network. This is my Mastodon instance with some customizations.

Pill CityClosed alpha

An one-of-a-kind social network


RSSHub is an open-source webapp that converts web sites into RSS feeds. This is my RSSHub instance.


Nitter is an alternative Twitter front-end. This is my Nitter instance with sensible defaults.

Hacker News RSS (hnrss) without the vanity (comments and points)


Herr あし

Collection of leg pics from the Internet and you can search by socks color and length

KT 的萌妹 channel

Collection of nice Japanese cosplay photos from Twitter

KTHubClosed alpha

Collection of foot-fetish videos from the Internet with my taste and rich metadata searching

Google+ Archive Viewer

A simple website to view my Google+ archive with search capability


Cloud EmoticonCollaboration

A cloud solution to your favorite emoticons on all of your devices

A simple web and iOS app to stop your Overwatch loss spiral

Open source

apollo 🚀

Linux provisioning scripts + application deployment tools. Suitable for self-hosting and hobby-scale application deployments.

Broccoli 🥦

A Python framework to build web scraping applications


Black-box monitoring

Checkly page


Cloudproxy control node that provisions proxy servers on AWS and other cloud platforms


Self-hosted Plausible installation for site analytics