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Independent Web
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Mastodon is a decentralized social network. This is my Mastodon instance with some customizations.

Pill City

Closed alpha

A social network reminiscent of Google+ with enhancements

Mastodon Twitter Crossposter

Crossposter to post statuses between Mastodon and Twitter.

Cloud Emoticon


A cloud solution to your favorite emoticons on all of your devices

Independent Web

RSSHub is an open-source webapp that converts web sites into RSS feeds. This is my RSSHub instance.


Nitter is an alternative Twitter front-end. This is my Nitter instance with sensible defaults.

Open Source
saturn 🚀

Development CLI for my Python stacks

apollo 🌕

Linux provisioning scripts + application deployment tools. Suitable for self-hosting and hobby-scale application deployments.

katatachi 🗡️

A Python framework to build web scraping applications

Proprietary software neutral since 2022 (trigger warning lol)